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Колеги, това писмо е от д-р Новак от Белград!

Ако на някой не му е ясно да пита!


" Dear colleagues and friends,

During the last SIVEMAP 2006 in Belgrade I had a chance to meet prof.Henree Van Bree and prof.Ingrid Gielen from Gent University, Belgium. As you know, both of them are well known experts in the field of diagnostic imaging.

We have discussed the possibilities for colleagues from eastern European countries to join the EAVDI (European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging).

I think that H.Van Bree has done a great job and you can see the results bellow.

Please, find the copy of our mailing and let me know what do you think. Pass this message to colleagues who might be interested in DI field and get them involved.

Because we need urgent reply and we are facing the holidays time - deadline is very short - maximum 10 days for your feedback. Sooner, the better.

I would be happy to take your replies on this address.


Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Denis Novak


SMASAP president

Veterinary practice "Novak"

Belgrade, Veselina Masle№e 55

tel/fax ++381 11 2851 856 2851 923

email: novak@ptt.yu

web-site: www.vetnovak.com


Dear Denis,

before I left back home we had a conversation on the possibility of east European colleagues joining EAVDI (European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging). I made a proposal to the EAVDI board for a reduced membership fee for our east European colleagues.

In staid of paying 30 Euros per year they would become a member for a three years period for the same 30 Euros.

The advantage for them would be that they get informed on all activities and conferences,

They can benefit reduced entrance fees for the conferences,

They can apply for a travel award to attend these conferences (is extremely important for the younger colleagues) and

They get the EAVDI year book.

Diagnostic Imaging lectures could be organised within Eastern Europe in cooperation with EAVDI and east European organisations etc.


I think there are benefits for both sides.

The only thing I have to know from you if the east European colleagues would be interested by this proposal before I hand it over to the EAVDI board.


Piet van Bree

EAVDI treasurer "

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