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Dear colleagues!

We would like to make you aware of the following ESVD event:

The first YOUNG VETS VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCE will take place in Vienna on July 13th and 14th 2013.

The ESVD is keen to encourage young vets, and especially those from countries where there are currently no Veterinary Dermatologist, to learn about veterinary dermatology. To further this aim we established in 2009 both a young vets subcommittee and an eastern countries subcommitee. As a result of these two committees this exciting new venture in the form of a conference was developed.

We want to share our knowledge, passion and enthusiam for veterinary dermatology to young dermatology friends just staring their journeys into this exciting field and to those in eastern countries.

We would like to ask you for your help in promoting this event to young vets:

- young vets from europe


- young vets from eastern countries, where there are currently no veterinary dermatologists

- young vets already work in our field (doctoral students, interns with special interest in veterinary dermatology, diploma- students...),

- students in their last 2 years of study (max 20% of participants)

(Young vets are defined by graduation ≤ 5 years ago)

Please help us to invite motivated young vets to Vienna and make this conference a great event.

See attached Flyer and www.esvd.org [1] – education – current courses for more information




Lucia Panakova and Ursula Mayer


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