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Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine, Athens

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3rd Forum in Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine, Athens, 11&12 February 2012


Further to my previous e-mail, on behalf of the Hellenic Companion Animal Veterinary Society (HCAVS) Board, I would like to invite you to attend our 3rdForum in Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine- with international participation-, which will be held in Athens, 11&12 February 2012, at the Conference Center of the Athens Planetarium (Eugenides Foundation) located in 387 Syggrou Avenue. http://www.eugenfound.edu.gr/frontoffice/portal.asp?cpage=NODE&cnode=1&clang=1


The opening ceremony will be held on Friday, February 10th, at 18:30pm followed by a welcoming reception.




It is my pleasure to inform you that HCAVS will offer free registration to our colleagues from Bulgaria


For your information, in order to promote the 3rd Hellenic Forum among your colleagues, I am attaching the lecture topics (in English) of our well known international guest speakers.


For any further information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat Ms. Natalia Gazis (tel/fax. +302107759727, e-mail: info@hcavs.gr) or myself.


I am looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues from Bulgaria at our 3rd Hellenic Forum in Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine.




Warm regards,




Ben Albalas


President of HCAVS






1. Noli Chiara (Italy):

Dermatological Syndromes in Feline Pruritic Dermatoses

Feline Atopic Dermatitis

Feline Parasitic and Fungal Skin Diseases


2.Heath Sarah (United Kingdom):

The challenge of detecting pain in cats

The importance of understanding canine behaviour in the consulting room

Aggressive dogs – why do they do it and what can we do?

Feline house soiling – why does it happen and what can we do?


3.Hartmann Katrin (Germany):

Feline infectious peritonitis: guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment

Feline leukemia virus: guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment

Feline immunodeficiency virus: guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment

4.Hall Edward (United Kingdom):

Update on Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Acute Pancreatitis

Chronic Active Hepatitis: An Update

Canine Hepatic Insufficiency: What can we do?

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